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What's up with that?

Why do we spend so much time looking at the odd things around us? Because, um, sanity?

Our Story

We make it our business to ferret out the goofy side of life and cross our fingers that we don't accidentally set something in motion that will bring about the end of days while we're at it. It would help if you cross your fingers too.

Meet the Team

There are two of us who give voice to these oddities, and we have a great crew that helps make this possible.

Nadia Cut-out transparent_edited-3

Nadia Giordana

Master of all things that have to do with Cable TV

lynn cutout 1_edited-1

Lynn Garthwaite

Master of finding odd things and convincing you that you must know about them.

Crew combined

Our Crew

The wonderful Judy Brenner and Dawn Tomlinson

We ask ourselves ...

... will anyone watch?

We like to think the answer is obvious: They'd be crazy not to!